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Benefits Of Women Real Estate Homebuyers in India

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Benefits Of Women Real Estate Homebuyers in India – In urban India, 30% of women (married and single) home buyers take part in property purchase decisions. They have a good part in home buying decisions. It is a trend that is likely to see a rise in coming few years. Women home buyers in India are growing proportionately with awareness of women rights. It is expected to see the growth of women in real estate sector in 2018. Know the benefits of women real estate homebuyers in India which is forecasted to impact the society in a positive way.

Benefits Of Women Real Estate Homebuyers in India

This International Women’s Day celebrates womanhood with your best homemaker who makes turned your dream house into reality. We give you some insights into the advantages women home buyers have in India.

Benefits To Female Homebuyers in India

International Women’s Day (IWD) is around the corner commemorating the rights of women around the globe. It is every year celebrated on March 8. In India, the homemakers are your wife who is your life partner in thick and thins. When we say homemaker, she is your mum, wife or your daughter. The word goes synonym with a female as the pillar of the house which makes it a home. The government has been offering plans for women empowerment. These will help you raise the bar when it comes to buying houses.

Investing in houses can be tough task mentally, physically and financially. A sale, discount or lesser price gives a great relief which is offered by the government schemes. When you buy a house in the name of a female family person, you are likely to benefit a lot. This, in turn, gives the female person of the family a power to some degree and a right in the share of the house which many houses of India are lacking. This is one step to uplift the women of India.

What are the advantages to female homebuyers in India?

Here take a look at the following:

  • Home loans are easily provided to women homebuyers. Women are considered to be punctual and discipline when comes to paying back the loan amount. If going through statistics, women loan defaulters are less and this makes bank keep lending females.
  • The concessional interest rate is offered on home loans.
  • Narendra Modi government’s Housing for All Mission empowers female especially low-income households. The women are made the sole owner or co-owner.
  • In some states of India, lower stamp duty is paid by women which are 2% lower than men. One can either gift and buy property is the name of the female partner to get discounted stamp duty.
  • Tax dedication up to 2 lakhs on the interest rate paid on homelands. If the property is let out, you can also claim a tax deduction on the interest rate paid.
  • In states like West Bengal, women are entitled to land titles of the plots which the government allots to the poor households.
  • When women rent out their home, they are eligible to minus the interest rate on mortgage loan again net rental value.


The real estate sector is a male dominating industry. With time folding itself, one can see women power rising as the women have more power in home decisions. Some of the initial decisions like what to buy or what to not have been largely suggested by women. Their point of view is kept in good regards by the family members. When it comes to womanhood and homemaker, they take the pride to another level.

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