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How to Make Your Apartment More Spacious and Organized

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How to make your apartment More Spacious and Organized – Do you own a studio apartment? Want tips for apartment organization on a budget that is genuine? Maple Apartments brings you small apartment organization ideas for you and your family. We all want spacious rooms. Many times the things are overloaded in a room that can make it look small, closed and suffocated. Well, you How to make your apartment More Spacious and Organizedcannot do much about the walls and room size but you can make them appear big. In this post, we share you ‘how to make your apartment more spacious and organized’.

Tips for Maximizing Your Apartment Space

Small space can be hard to adjust if you have loads of ideas and luggage to suffice your apartment.  Based on how you see it, this can dissuade you from enjoying your freedom and liberty or can be an excellent canvas for your creativity.  If you hated clutter and wanted to save plenty of room, then that isn’t a problem.  Here are just a few of the tips on how to make your apartment more spacious and organized:

Let your Space be Multifunctional

You can create your dining room be your workspace for your office works or your hobbies.  You can have your friends loiter in your dining area or even offer sofa beds into your living room to entertain your friends during the day and sleep on the beds at night. Do not clutter the space with your furniture. They should be arranged in a strategic way and extra furniture can be added in rooms if you want. Built-ins are a beautiful option to make the most of minimal spacing.

Manage your Closet

There’s no requirement hoarding your laundry in your apartment.  If you cannot use the clothes, for now, store them appropriately.  You can create a list of the clothing that you can use for the season and event.  Sort the clothing according to seasons and degree of importance. It is best to use a box or suitcase to store the out of season clothes. Make sure that you use disinfectants to protect them. Try to use hangers to create space and make it look tidy.

The Hidden Treasure

Take advantage of the hidden storage in your flat.  You may keep the things that you won’t need in the meantime underneath your bed.  То dо thіs, mаkе surе уоur bеd іs hіgh еnоugh tо сrеаtе sрасе undеrnеаth.  To be organized, put your items in storage containers first before placing them underneath your mattress.  You may also hang things at the back of your doors.

How to make your apartment More Spacious and Organized

Clever Furniture

When buying any furniture, be sure that it provides a whole lot of storage.  Also, consider the height of your storage furniture.  The taller cabinets make better storage.  Therefore, inspect well and gauge the capacity of your furniture.  Furthermore, be certain that your furniture is well positioned to create the illusion of space.  You can also install shelves in your bathroom for your toiletries.  Rather than having a headboard in your mattress, you can turn this as your mini-storage place too.  Aside from this, you can use to roll away furniture such as wheeled kitchen cart to maximize space and give you freedom in the kitchen.

Play with Light and Colors

An organized and well-lighted room creates an illusion of distance.  Therefore, use the light to your advantage.  Allow more light to enter your dwelling.  Ensure colour light, neutrals and muted colours are used as these Boost visual space.  Avoid using loads of colours as this makes things littered and organized.  Use colours in the same family instead and create accents.  This is going to make your vision fluid as the colours are unified.  You can play with the variation of colours as long as it belongs to the same family. You can even exchange a few doors with glass doors to let the sunshine let in and make the room appear larger than life.


Although you have limited space, this doesn’t mean that you are prohibited to be creative.  You can purchase eye-catching furniture that brings the attention of your visitors.  Play with your apartment’s insides through wall paintings and papers.  Remember, the more visually appealing your flat is, the more people forget that you have small space.

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