Things To Consider When Choosinga Real Estate Agent

Things To Consider When Choosing A Real Estate Agent/ Realtor

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Real Estate Agent/ Realtor – Looking for tips to choose a real estate agent? Want to know how to choose a realtor to sell a home?  How to choose a realtor first time home buyer? When buying or selling a property, a real estate agent or realtor is a good help. Those who are thinking of investing in a new house or property can look for a good REALTOR®. It helps make the decision easier. This saves time and cost at the same time. If you are looking for things to consider when choosing a real estate agent/realtor, then we have compiled it for you.   

Differences Between Real Estate Agents and Realtors

When we talk about real estate agent or realtor, they are interchangeable and associate with the same selling and buying of properties whether commercial and residential. They are same but different by some points. The main differentiation point is that all the REALTOR® is a real estate professional member of National Association of Realtors (NAR), a professional association. They need to adhere to follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics enforced by local real estate boards. It contains 17 Articles containing standards of practice. Even though state guidelines governing agents own a real estate license, the Code of Ethics makes it more restrictive and confines to conduct.

Why Do You Need A Real Estate Agent Or Realtor?

Those who want to buy a house or sell their property, a real estate agent can help you grab better deals. Ever wondered why to hire someone for this purpose? Taking advice from a professional when it comes to a long-term investment like house or property is a good decision. Here take a look at the benefits and some facts related to real estate agent needs for all kinds property purchase or sale:

  1. As per a study, 80% buyers purchase property through real estate agents. This is due to reliable nature and in-depth knowledge of the property. They will help you know more about the given location which is helpful while buying a house or any commercial property.
  2. It avoids any mishaps or fraudulent acts where people try to sell fake properties in their name. There have been multiple cases of such con acts. Thus, a professional help will always help you know about the original owners along with positive to negative points.
  3. Similar to bidding, a real estate agent or realtor will help you get better deals at best prices. Many times a house in lane sells at higher price than other houses with same amenities
  4. They are helpful in getting other documents related to the property like sales data from MLS based on map searches, a copy of the home’s historical documents and pull property profiles etc..

Tips To Choose The Best Real Estate Agent

When you hire, you would want to have the best real estate agent in India. You wouldn’t want to just go through online ads, sponsored ads, yard signs or direct-mail postcards. To make the best choice, we will help you. Here are some good tips that you can follow while selecting a real estate agent/realtor for yourself:

  • Make some research on the agents you think are the best. It is good to go with real-life experiences i.e. the clients he has worked with in past. It is best to know about the quality, ethics and genuine nature of the agent.
  • The agents should be registered with Broker Licence in India. It is best if they are registered with NAR.
  • Just like doctors have specialities, real estate agents have specialities. They have completed additional education in particular category of estate sales which are credit as follows:

ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): Represents buyers in transactions.

CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): Covers residential real estate.

SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): Support buyers and sellers in the 50-plus age range.

Realtor with Capital “R,” that is a member of NAR

  • Know about the experience and how long the agent has been in this industry. A state licensing authority will help you know better about it.
  • The agents should be well versed in that area before making any transaction. You can ask a few queries related to recent purchase or sales made in that area, what price or which property is on sale etc. Someone who knows well about the area will be able to convey better about that area.


Hiring a real estate agent or realtor can be a good way to make the best investment. You would not want to stick to a bad deal. Someone professional can help you make a better choice. I hope the articles are helpful to you.

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